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Childhood is a spring season (written For Children)

Dear children! My warmest greetings to all of you.
"Child", wow, what a pleasant and soft word it is. The mind cools as it says it. I always have a nostalgia in my mind. "Let go of being a kid forever!". I love childhood so much. It is a spring season in a man's life. There is no greater joy in this world than to be happily and peacefully in a wonderful state of mind in which childhood does not feel like as rich family or poor family. In the mother's embrace, in the father's bondage without any worries, how much joy it is to cheer, to talk to brothers and sisters, to run and play with other children on the street. Those days of living even in the poverty were feeling like flying in the sky. Even the mistakes made unknowingly, will not stand long in the mind. Childhood is a wonderful period given to man. Keep it as happy as you can, without worrying about anything, without any guilt. This period will leave us as the years go by. So, aspire to be in the c…

குழந்தைப் பருவம் ஒரு வசந்தம் (குழந்தைகளுக்காக)

அன்புக் குழந்தைகளே!  உங்கள் அனைவருக்கும் என் அன்பார்ந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள்."குழந்தை", ஆஹா, எவ்வளவு இனிமையான, மென்மையான ஒரு வார்த்தை. அதை சொல்லும் போதே மனம் குளிரும்.  என் மனதில் எப்போதுமே ஒரு ஏக்கம் உண்டு.  "குழந்தையாகவே எப்போதும் இருந்து விடலாமே!".  எனக்கு அவ்வளவு பிடிக்கும் குழந்தை பருவத்தை.  ஒரு மனிதனுடைய வாழ்வில் அது ஒரு வசந்த காலம்.  பணக்காரக் குடும்பமோ, ஏழைக் குடும்பமோ,  எந்த நிலையிலும்  குழந்தைப் பருவம் அதனை உணராது ஏதோ ஒரு அற்புதமான மன நிலையில் ஆனந்தமாக அமைதியாக இருக்குமே, அதை விட இந்த உலகத்தில் மிகப் பெரிய மகிழ்ச்சி எதுவுமில்லை. தாயின் அணைப்பில், தந்தையின் பிணைப்பில் எந்தக் கவலையுமின்றி, ஆரவாரித்து கொண்டாடுவது, சகோதர, சகோதரியிடம் பேசி மகிழ்வது, தெருவில் உள்ள பிற குழந்தைகளிடம் ஓடியாடி விளையாடுவது எத்தனை மகிழ்ச்சி.  ஏழ்மை நிலையிலும் இருப்பதைக் கொண்டு பகிர்ந்துண்டு வாழ்ந்த அந்த நாட்கள் வானத்தில் பறக்கும் நிலையை ஒத்தது.  கள்ளம் கபடின்றி, சூதுவாது தெரியாது செய்த பிழைகள் கூட மனதில் நிற்பதில்லை. குழந்தைப் பருவம் மனிதனுக்குக் கொடுக்கப்பட்ட ஒரு அற்புத காலம். அதை மாசின்ற…

Prayer to Heavenly Father

Abba, our Father in the heaven
We’re nothing but praising even
Holy is Thy name to adorations  
Glory and majesty are affiliations
Let Thy kingdom come on Earth
Let Thy word to reign us forth
As Thy will are the laws of heaven,
Let them be the laws in Earth even.
Give the needs for life to everyone,
As all the needs of heaven are done.
Fill us with your spirit to follow Thee
Find our sins and reprimand us free
Grant us the wisdom and insight
To help those who need in our sight
We are the works of Thy hands,
Make us to be tied in Thy bands.
As Thee forgive us and our sins,
Bless us to forget others’ sins.
Don’t allow us to turn away
From the path, Thee array.
Give us good health in body,
Mind and soul to live happily.
Deliver us from all the evil,
For we will live a life peaceful.


Discovery of “Self”

What is “self”?.We can compare “self” to the light come from an electric bulb, for that we need to have the outside object(Bulb - Body), inner substance (Tungsten or LED etc.,- Mind) and the power (electricity - Soul).Like this, “self” is a construction of body, mind and soul. If either of these is not found, self is nowhere. Self is just an emission of light according to the characteristics as the bulb of produced and illuminated until it is switched on by the operator. Many philosophies include heart as a separate dimension of self.But it is an interrelated medium between these entire three dimensions that is body, mind and soul. It is affected by either of these either physically or emotionally.

Discovery of “Self” is a lifelong spiritual pilgrimage that we tend to find out the truth questioning of “self” suchas What we are, Why we are, Where we are and how we are through the insight or wisdom which is an external source provided by the Almighty. Every creation is created by God for…

Two ways before us

There are two ways before us
What is good, the mind knows
One way is created by God’s will
Another one is chosen by own will 
God said you can eat fruits of any trees,
Except the fruits of the forbidden free.
Silly eagerness tempted them to sin.
That made them to feel physical pain
God says you can go this way I made
Except the way in that you’ll be strayed 
Choice is yours to select as per the mind
Consequences will be on what you bind
All that seen to our eyes baste
Pleasures that we seek to taste 
But once we tasted it’s a drug
Making us to lie down as rug 
The way God proposes to us 
Is narrow with little pleasures 
But it’ll lead us to sustain 
In which HE will maintain 
The way the World proposes
Is too broad to find many poses
If we want to be one of the poses,
This life and next will be chaoses

The blame game

Louis Brewster was a school-going adolescence who lived with his mother, who was divorced from her husband. His mother worked as a customer service manager in a large travel company. Because of the lack of consensus with the husband and the ego issue prevailed between them, they divorced. His mother was alleged to be in affair with her Boss as some days in a week she did not come to home. Louis did not receive the affection of his mother or father properly from an early age. On the contrary, from an early age he grew up listening to his parents' arguments, stubbornness, and blaming each other. A longing for love lingered in his mind for days. During his Eleventh grade of schooling,  he got an affection from his classmate Jesse. While he did not get the love and affection either from mother or father, the affection of the friend made a huge impact on him. He spent most of his time talking and entertaining with Jesse. As the days went by it created in him a possessiveness of "h…

Charity and Hospitality

I used to say to my people that even though United States is facing a lot of natural calamities year by year and the terrorist attack on Sep.11, 2001, the Citizens of USA were never been collapsed by the grace of the Almighty. Even there are some sinful acts (like Homosexual practices, Immoral Sex culture, Abortions, Divorces) and sinful earnings (from war equipment) happening, overcoming all these, the great nature of US citizens is Charity and Hospitality.  They treat people equally irrespective of their religion, race etc., and welcoming immigrants every year with loving hearts which is not found in most of other countries. Even after terrorists’ attack, their hearts are not shrunk to think differently. This makes USA as a “dream country” that every citizen of other nations dreams to settle in USA including me.  The constitution, the laws, the legislative set up, the governance, the judicial systems and the political, trade and economic systems and too the people are more conscious…

Blessed is the blessed for ever

My Lord! my God!
All that blessed are blessed for ever.
Bless the work of my hand
So, I’ll do all my works grand 
Bless the word of my mouth
So, I’ll speak to others to soothe 

Bless the path of my walk
So, I’ll find nothing to block
Bless the sense of my mind
So, all my acts will be refined 

Bless the sight of my eyes
For good and evil it will apprise
Bless the spirit of my soul
So, it will not go to sheol  

Bless the thought of my heart 
From your way it mustn’t go apart 
Bless my wisdom and knowledge
So, all Thy will I can acknowledge 

Bless the reach of my ears
To hear all that make cheers 
Bless the knees of my legs stoop
To worship Thee, they’ll swoop  

Bless the head of my body
It’ll bow to Thee but nobody 
Bless my father and mother
They guide me not to bother

Bless my brothers and sisters
They buoyed when I’m blistered 
Bless my spouse and kid
So, I’ll see my duties N’ rid 

Bless my supporters and kins 
So, they will relish in my wins 
Bless my teachers and advisors
They taught the ways of wisers  

Bless my f…

Nepotism & Favoritism are the shape of fascism

Nepotism that is a favoritism to some specific people in workplace is a vicious word to many of the workers and it is a boon to some workers. I, too myself in my career life was suffered a lot due to this nepotism even though I was doing the best part of my performance and an outstanding job in any organisation. People like me, those who used to do their performance rather than appeasing the immediate boss personally, are suffering in their day-to-day career life.Either by religion, gender, caste, race, linguistical or personal relationship or in some other forms(like joining with for corruption, Sex…) which cannot be written in book openly, the favoritism spreads through various parts of the World in various industries and various fields.The workers they want these favoritism used to keep their eyes only on the boss(The Godfather in Job) rather than their job responsibilities. They take any measures in any means to soothe and please the “GodFather” personally. The “Godfathers” pay a …

Perceptions kill perfection many times

Michael Stevens was a famous painter. Once in every six months, he exhibited his paintings and puts them up for auction. All of his modern arts were worth thousands of dollars in auction. For those six months he was unable to draw any paintings properly due to family problem. But if he does not display the paintings within a week, his clients would find another artist and his market value would also go down. Not knowing what to do, he went to the beach. He wandered restless here and there. The mind was troubled. Going even further distance, there was a man from another town who was hoarding to sell his paintings for two dollars each. All were very elegant paintings. Almost, there were a hundred paintings. But, there was not even one person to buy it. Michael Stevens bought all the paintings for five hundred dollars. He came home and drew his signature on the paintings, called his regular vendor to fix frames to the paintings. Within a week everything was over very neatly. The day came…

யூகங்கள் பலநேரம் சரியானதை கொல்லும்

மைக்கேல் ஸ்டீவன்ஸ்  ஒரு புகழ்பெற்ற ஓவியர்.  ஆறு மாதங்களுக்கு ஒரு முறை அவர் தன்னுடைய ஓவியங்களைக் காட்சிப்படுத்தி ஏலத்திற்கு விடுவார்.அவருடைய புதினமான ஓவியங்கள் அனைத்தும் பல ஆயிரங்கள் டாலருக்கு விலைபோகும். அந்த ஆறுமாதங்களாக குடும்ப பிரச்னை காரணமாக அவரால் எந்த ஓவியத்தையும் முறையாக வரைய முடியவில்லை. ஆனால் ஒருவாரத்திற்குள் ஓவியங்களைக் காட்சிப்படுத்த வில்லையென்றால் அவரது வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் வேறு ஒரு ஓவியரைக் கண்டுபிடித்து விடுவர். தன்னுடைய சந்தை மதிப்பும் இறங்கி விடும். என்ன செய்வதென்று தெரியாமல், கடற்கரைக்குச் சென்றார். அங்கும் இங்கும் உலாவினார். மனதில் கவலைப் படர்ந்தது. இன்னும் தொலைவில் சென்றபோது, அங்கு வெளியூரிலிருந்து வந்த ஒருவன் தன் ஓவியத்தை ஒவ்வொன்றும் இரண்டு டாலர் எனக் கூவிக் கொண்டிருந்தான். அனைத்தும் மிக நேர்த்தியான ஓவியங்கள். கிட்டத்தட்ட, நூறு ஓவியங்கள். ஆனால், அதை வாங்குவதற்கு ஒருவர் கூட இல்லை. மைக்கேல் ஸ்டீவன்ஸ் அத்தனை ஓவியங்களையும்  ஐநூறு டாலர் கொடுத்து வாங்கினார். வீட்டிற்கு வந்து அந்த ஓவியங்கள் மீது தன் கையொப்பத்தை வரைந்து, தன் வழக்கமான தச்சரைக் கூப்பிட்டு அந்த ஓவியங்களுக்கு சட்ட…

Want to see miracles or signs?

A man had set up a beautiful garden around his house. He grew a variety of fruit trees, vegetable plants, beautiful flowering plants and spectacular Crotons. Some grasses, some plants grow with them either by birds or by water or air.  He used to throw away what had grown like this. Sometimes they grew well out of sight. He had a skin disease all over his body. It was very irritating and painful. Going to the dermatologist and spending many thousands, he was coming back again and again. Not knowing what to do with him, (Don’ think that I'm going to say that he went to a healing, miraculous prayer meeting), one night he dreamed that a plant grown as a juniper plant in his house was shining brightly. He woke up the next morning, plucked its leaves, grinded them well and applied it all over his body. After a while the irritation in his body began to subside. After being treated like this for a month, the skin disease on his body completely disappeared. What the man thought was rubbis…

அருங்குறிகளும் அற்புதங்களும்

ஒரு மனிதர் தன் வீட்டினைச்  சுற்றி ஒரு அழகானத் தோட்டம் அமைத்திருந்தார்.  அதில் பலவகையான பழமரங்களையும் காய்கறிச்  செடிகளையும், அழகானப் பூக்களையுடைய செடிகளையும் கண்கவர் குரோட்டன்ஸ் செடிகளையும் வளர்த்து வந்தார்.  சில புல்பூண்டுகள், சில செடிகள் பறவைகள் மூலமாகவோ நீர் அல்லது காற்றின் மூலமாக அவற்றோடு வளர்ந்து வரும். இப்படி வளர்ந்தவற்றை  அவர் களைந்து எறிந்து விடுவார். சிலநேரம் கண்ணுக்குத் தப்பி அவை வளர்ந்து விடும். அவருக்கு உடம்பு முழுவதும் ஒரு தோல் வியாதி உண்டானது. மிகுந்த எரிச்சலுடன் வேதனையும் ஏற்படுத்தியது.  தோல் மருத்துவரிடம் சென்று பல ஆயிரங்களை செலவழித்தும் மீண்டும் மீண்டும் வந்து கொண்டிருந்தது. என்ன செய்வதென்றே தெரியாமல் இருந்த அவருக்கு, (உடனே,  அற்புத குணமளிக்கும் ஆராதனைக்கு சென்றார் என்று சொல்ல வருகின்றேன் என்று நினைக்க வேண்டாம்), ஒருநாள் இரவில், அவர் வீட்டிலிருந்த தானாகவே வளர்ந்த ஒரு குப்பைச் செடி பிரகாசமாய் ஒளிர்வதைப் போல் கனவு கண்டார். மறுநாள் காலையில் எழுந்த அவர், அதன் இலைகளைப் பறித்து நன்றாக அரைத்து உடல் முழுவதும் பூசினார். சிறிது நேரத்தில் அவர் உடம்பில் இருந்த எரிச்சல் குறையத் தொ…

Concealing sins or Confessing? Choice is yours.

Story - 1:
He was a young priest in a church. He was someone who was sweet to everyone. He had a handsome appearance that was attractive to look at. Many people came to his room every day to talk to him. Young women and married women were included in the list. Some of them caught him in their trap and had sex with him. Every day the young priest got used to it. Over the course of the day, his passion increased and turned on the boys. Many boys were misled by him. Guilt did not arise in him. He did not repend to ask the Lord for forgiveness for the mistake he had made. He justified his mistakes by saying, "I have committed a sin that everyone has ever committed.".  One day when he approached a hospital for fever, he was diagnosed with cancer. It gave him tremendous stress. Every day all the sins he had committed up to that time took over his mind. With guilt rising day by day, he ended his life himself. If he had realized his sin on the first day and asked the Lord for forgive…

பாவத்தை மறைத்தலா? அறிக்கையிடுதலா?

கதை - 1: அவர் ஒரு ஆலயத்தில் இளம் குருவாகப்  பணியாற்றியவர்.  எல்லோரிடமும் இனிமையாக பழகக் கூடியவர்.  பார்ப்பதற்கு கவரக் கூடிய அழகான தோற்றமும் கொண்டவர்.  அவருடன் உரையாடுவதற்காக பலர் அவருடைய அறைக்கு தினமும் வருவர்.  அதில் இளம் பெண்களும் திருமணமான பெண்களும் அடக்கம். அவர்களுள் சிலர் அவரைத் தங்கள் வலையில் சிக்க வைத்து உடலுறவு  கொண்டனர். தினமும் அந்த இளங்குருவும் அதில் பழக்கம் கொண்டார். நாளடைவில், அவரது மோகம் அதிகரித்து சிறுவர்கள் மீது திரும்பியது.  பல சிறுவர்கள் அவரிடம் தவறாக வழி நடத்தப்பட்டனர்.  குற்ற உணர்வு அவரிடம் எழவில்லை. தான் செய்த தவறுக்காக இறைவனிடம் மன்னிப்பும் கேட்க அவர் மனம் இறங்கவில்லை. "யாரும் செய்யாத பாவத்தையே நான் செய்து விட்டேன்" என்று தன் தவறுகளை நியாயப்படுத்திக் கொண்டார். ஒருநாள் காய்ச்சலுக்காக மருத்துவமனையை அணுகிய  போது, பரிசோதனையில் அவருக்கு புற்றுநோய் இருப்பது தெரிய வந்தது. அது அவருக்கு மிகப் பெரிய மன அழுத்தத்தைக் கொடுத்தது. ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் அவர் அதுவரை செய்த பாவங்கள் அனைத்தும் அவர் மனத்தைக் குடைந்து எடுத்தன. குற்ற உணர்வு நாளுக்கு நாள் மேலிட,  அவர் தன்னையே மாய்த்து…

“JUSTICE” becomes “JUST ICE”

Darren belonged to a lower middle class. He earned low income and owned an inheritance property of only half a ground land. He did not have enough cash to build a house in it. It was located in the center of town. He had simply put that for future purpose. Adjacent to that land was the house of a prominent figure with sound wealth and power. For some years, the land had been rolling his eyes. Suddenly a building arose on that land. Darren had a shock seeing a building as he had not come to see the land for many months. When approached the Sales Deeds department, it was said that the land had already been transferred in the name of the prominent person. Darren had lodged a complaint with the police. The complaint was not taken into consideration as the key figure was influential up to the top. He approached the court through a lawyer spending money. Plaintiff's attorney and counter-attorney sold justice to the influence and money of the key figure. The judge relied on that key figu…

Why our prayers are not answered….?

If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. (Psalm 66:18)
But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear. (Isaiah 59:2)

When you spread out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not listen; your hands are full of blood. Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil,  (Isaiah 1:15-16)

If one turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination. (Proverbs 28:9)

Whoever gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse. (Proverbs 28:27)

Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered. (Proverbs 21:13)

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he w…

Are Researches exceeding their Limit?

He was a poor man. Considering his many days of toil, an angel appeared before him, gave him a magical pigeon as a gift and disappeared. He also carefully cared and fed the magical pigeon. As the days went by, that magical pigeon came to lay a golden egg every day. The man who was originally generous became much greedy. By the abundance of his greed, he gave the pigeon more food. The pigeon ate as much as possible and laid two eggs daily. Two became fours, eights as the man fed more and more. Later, he forced food into the pigeon until it laid twenty golden eggs a day. Thinking that if there was another pigeon like this he would get more golden eggs, he arranged an ordinary pigeon to intercourse with that magical pigeon.

Over a period, the magical pigeon hatched some eggs and gave birth to some squabs. In order for the squabs to grow faster, he gave them a diet mixed with drugs. Some died and some were maimed. Greed had not yet left that man. He continued to do research what to do to e…

True Love has no limit….

It was a story I heard when I was at the age of 10, when I was passing aside a church in my native place. It was delivered by a priest in his sermon about the strength of a True Love in the mass.  Really it was stored in my mind and when I wanted to make a thought for the day about true love, it was reflected on my mind to present here. 
She was a widow woman from a poor background. On her young age, she lost her husband, an alcohol patient leaving a son to her without any proper financial support. She worked hard in many places and raised her son. She fed him well and dressed nicely for looking handsome despite her disability and ailment. She kept her illness and pain to herself without showing him. Her body twisted as she worked harder. However she graduated her son.  Even after his graduation, he survived for two years in the shadow of his mother. Two years later he got a job. He spent most of his salary on liquor, prostitution and gambling. He fell in love with the beauty of a pro…

Arrogance in Public Service

A king named Zhang Yong ruled the southern province of China. He had appointed officers to each towns and villages to hear the grievances of the people in those towns and to rectify the same instantly. One of them was Wang Tsu, who was appointed an officer in a town. He discriminated against every human being in every way. He behaved arrogantly towards the poor and the simple, and politely towards the rich and those in power and popularity. The petitions of the poor were also considered by him late.
Many stood speechless, unable to rebuke him for such behavior. His transgression went on like this for many days. One day it reached the ear of King Zhang Yong. The king took off his clothes and went to Wang Tsu’s office, dressed as a layman. When the King extended his hand to hand over a petition to Wang Tsu, he ordered him to go outside and wait. The king, too, politely went outside and waited. Meanwhile, Wang Tsu heard that one of the King’s servants was coming to meet him and Wang Tsu …

To forget or to forgive…? (English Poetry)

“How to forgive, 
  I am to my foe?”  
I asked the Lord.
“Forgive like me” said.
I said to the Lord!
“To forgive, you’re God!
I’m just a human being!
Daily memories are afflicting.  
“Forgetting is the first step to forgiveness,
 For getting out from the pains of bitterness.
 To punish the one who pierced the sword, 
 Do, good to him as much as” said the Lord.
To the enemies too who do evil 
How I will dare to do goodwill?
Even at the time of my eyelid closing,
Exhibiting are their troubles in thinking. 
In the nature of human’s forgetfulness,
Unforgotten is the blunder of larcenous.
Until death in the human mind,
Why there will the austerity find?
To say that “Get lost”,
These’re not trivial just.
As it can’t be dissolved,
They’re treason symbols.
Scars appear on the outside,
I was in a lot of pains deride
When I was suffered in distress,
These are the ones give me stress.
Lord! Please give me a boon that 
Goodness will surround my thought,
For the stains all that to be washed-out 
Weeds in the mind must be thrown…

Journey of the Ship to Infinity (English Poetry)

I’m a “ship of faith”,
Sailing on an ocean’s firth
To reach the right destiny,
To beseech the apt ecstasy.

In the pushing back hatred for,
It heaves and sways surging fore.
When tyrannies are side by side,
It yaws and rolls pitching in slide.

It wobbles as a drunken sot
It hobbles as a broken foot
Tides make it go up and down
Yet, it’s stable not to be drown

Even the waves surge on it,
Even the storm purge its fit,
Heavenly aid will come to it.
Endlessly its journey will last.

All its might is even waster
Almighty Lord is its master
Loads and loads it’s carrying
Lord the God is ever caring

In the broad and spread ocean,
The master knows all its motion.
When the ship was break down
Worried not, it was master’s done.

It’s a long journey to sail
But, in the Lord it’s to hail
Either breeze or storm,
It will find nothing harm.

The seas rage rough N’ tough
The profound oceans too chuff
But this ship travels elatedly,
To see the terminus eternally.

Duty is to bring the loads safer
Despite threats are in wayfarer
Souls are th…

Why prayer is much important?

Prayer is not just a religious ritual. Prayer is a science,  enlightenment, a medicine, a meditation, a lifestyle and the bonding that connects God and man.  

Prayer is an expression of Hope (Expectation from God)
Prayer is an expression of faith (Belief in God)
Prayer is an expression of humility (To understand External & Eternal status) 
Prayer is an expression of peace of mind (To define the inner status) 
Prayer has the power to repel negative thoughts.

Man cannot give anything to God by praying, but, at the same time man gets various benefits. The results of many researches show that through prayer, we can make many changes in ourselves physically and mentally. For example, the Pineal Gland inside our brain secretes pleasure-producing peptides that make us happy. Also today’s medical analysis reports that Endorphins, a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body's opiate…