Created All are good, until Man

One day a fierce argument among natural disasters. 
In it, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, floods, wildfires and the sea were all saying that “I am the strongest in destructive power”. As there was no ending, they agreed for a challenge between themselves. They decided that the greatest destructive force in the world was the one that caused the most material damage and casualties by their force. In the first season, the wildfire came. The forest was burnt and some houses were burnt. More than a hundred lives were lost. The volcano erupted in the second season. Some villages were devastated. More than a hundred people died in it. The next flood came and destroyed many things. More than a thousand people and lives were lost.  Many lost their homes. On the next turn, the earthquake came along with the raging waves of seas. Some buildings were collapsed. More than ten thousand people lost their lives. By the end of the competition, before announcing the result, the competitors were shocked and surprised that suddenly more than a million people had lost their lives. Many others are in bed. In all countries the economy was collapsed and millions of people lost income. The competitors were looking for “Which is the greatest destructive force that has caused such a great devastation than us?”. In the end, they found exactly the Man what they saw. Yes, there is no greater destructive force in this world than man.

God saw that everything HE created was good.
(Genesis 1: 1 - 25) Until man was created .....

Yes, he is the greatest destructive force in this world in the name of Research, in the name of Technology, in the name of Development, in the name of Defense, in the name of Science, in the name of Economy, in the name of Religion, in the name of Racism and in the name of Terrorism. The world's nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, and other pollutants are capable of destroying the World more than a hundred times. The greatest destructive force that created is man indeed, man alone. In this aspect, I am ashamed to be born human.

I look All that God has created are Good
Until, the Man.

“By the spirit of Égalité / The Citoyen is welcome in a royal garden
Where the mighty Helios ignites daily / Man's most destructive power.”   -  Nostradamus Enigmas


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