I’m a nomadic man…..(English Poetry)

A nomadic man,  I am
I don’t have a stable home
Yet another place however
If God wills, I will be there
No worries whether desert or oasis
Everywhere the support of God is
Either morning or evening always
To my proximity is God, HE sees.
I’ve come passing a long distance
Grief didn’t immerse in consistence
Though I carry many burdens in mind,
My burdens too, HE carries with kind
Stones and thorns in the path,
Whatever is spread out wrath. 
Without my feet get tattered,
God, the Lord is my Protector!
Like the celestial bird,
I love to fly in the blue.
Singing tunes praising God
To be heard in the air, I beg
I’m a nomadic man flurry
I’ve made the daily journey
Why I was born as a man?
Wistfulness is always mine.
Like a bud blooms in the dawn  
I wish to be beautiful in the lawn
Attaching me in the garland treat
I beg to lie down in Thy divine feet
I’m a nomadic man being
I was tired lot of walking
If I’ll have any next birth
I wish to be an tree worth
With the branches spreading
With plentiful fruits blending
For the creatures that get weary
I should give a pleasant sanctuary
A thousand cravings are in me
In writing not possible will be
Though having the small wing
As a sparrow I wish for flying
I am a nomadic man sent,
Where will I fix my tent?
If I get yet another order
I’ll follow the Lord fairer
I have no shortage in me
As the Lord maintains me
Banging the drums louder,
I’ll thank God, my Redeemer
Yet I have desires a lot more
As a star in the sky is to soar
In the firmament not tangible
I’ll be twinkling to be visible
Like as a spreading creeper
I wish to hold Thee, keeper    
Like as a persistent shadow
I wish to touch you N’ follow
Like as a cloud giving fall
I’ll quench the thirst of all
Like as a sprouting spruce
I love to give wheat N’ rice
I am a nomadic man stray
I don’t know the time or day
If I have the legs like of deer
I’ll travel around the sphere
Like as a bee collecting honey
Like as a well pouring runny 
Like as the snow covering peak
I’ll work firmly to Thee N’ meek
I’m a nomadic man of worry
I’ll pursue the Lord in hurry
I wish to taste the satiating
Words of the heavenly King


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