Man against God’s will… (English Poetry)

God made lives to live
God made lives to love
God made lives to share
God made lives to care

Man lives in change
Man lives in challenge 
Man lives in ride
Man lives in pride

Man made life as race
Manipulated all without grace
Man made life as game
To play with other’s fame

Life became a predation
Love in it is a prediction 
Life became a battle 
Lots in that are rattle 

From home to Globe, we parted
Foods and weapons are bartered
People and hearts are into piece
Powers and violence kill the peace

Lives have no value to matter
Price has fixed them to utter 
Men are in work to bring bread
Men are too, in work to drink blood

Corruption is in every mind and land
Commonwealth was a slander brand 
Deception N’ delusion grow more
Dignity and democracy drew sore

There’s a war for Religion
There’s a war for Region
There’s a fight for power
There’s a fight for fewer

Some were victims and killed
Many are ductile and periled
Still, your hearts aren’t kind
Mania of malice is in your mind

The race is to capture territories
Too, a race to capture deep seas 
Your dominance hysteria even 
Does not leave the space N moon

Ye’ Men!  Answer me to this,
Will the Almighty like these?
All your violence and terrors   
Are not leaving even toddlers 

Enough, it’s enough for knife 
Else Live or leave others to life 
Furious is your hatred N’ intolerance 
Far worse than arms N’ ammunition

The World must be filled with grains
Not with the corpse and blood stains
Human lives are not bargained things 
For you are trading as animal skins 

People are larger seeking peace
Preferably than food and cheese
Eyes of them are the witness
Expressing their fear of flatness

O’ my Lord! We seek for Thy grace
Of granting to this World, the Peace
Let all the divisions be broken 
Let all the hearts be opened…..!

“Cursed be anyone who takes a bribe to shed innocent blood.” And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’                      
                                               (Deuteronomy 27:25)


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