Praise of God in couplet

Though HIS glory is infinite, God conceals
Even his vain glory is naught, man reveals.
Everything all kinds are under the control of ability
In the one who’s True, Permanent and Almighty
Unless the mercy of God the ocean of dears 
T’s hard to pass over the abyss of fears
When everything given is by God, 
Then, all happened is by HIS deed.
He who seeks feet of God the ocean of grace,
Will not pursue after finding ocean of prize.
The mortal men in their own perception
Created the shape and name for devotion   
Blowing HIS breathe in body to give life,
In the body God creates lives of many to live
In the feet of the God we can find safety
Wherein are justice, patience and neutrality.
Utmost praising to Lord of love and patience
Is even comparatively less than a drop in ocean 
Greater is the deeds and blessings of the Lord
By whom the Earth and Heaven were made 
Father, God does not like the burnt sacrifice
Rather, HE most likes us to leave evil ways 
God does not forsake in this life and the next
Where HE is our father and mother in context
T’s the charisma of the Lord to protect us
In this life, every day without any defects
God is the refuge for us removing barriers
Preventing distress and killing our fears
God! Thy feet is my eternal dwelling abode
Where I satisfy much rather than being proud 
May he be exalted than saints, one who gets
The compassion of the Lord of Hosts
Even though the rage of enemies is like fire
The Lord my leader is like Perennial River
Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom
From birth it dwells with one in freedom 
Firm is this World, God as own spread it
HE is the ocean of grace and divine light
Seeing the empty stomach that hungering  
The Creator will disgrace our food offering 
Wise people see the Lord through their insight
Others tried to believe through their eyesight
As God made even a small seed to grow as Tree,
Has HE ever forsaken anyone who cried to plea?
Today will become yesterday tomorrow
Changes happen in all but God is ever so
Man sees the status, colour, race and gender
Can we expect from God all these render?
No thing will come from nothing indeed,
Everything came from nothing in HIS deed.
If a man punishes us in his anger, God is refuge
If God wants us to punish for sins, it’s deluge
God is too gracious to forgive our sins
Man is too tedious to forget other’s sins 
Mind is more cunning to have partiality
Binding it with God’s words is morality
All that seen can be found to be pleasure
Wisdom guides us what is poison or elixir


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