SWEAT OF THE LABOR (English Poetry)

When the first man disobeyed 
The word of God and strayed,
From the God, it was the first order
By sweat of his brow, he should labor.

As the ground was cursed of his sin,
The land would produce thorns within. 
He would get the yield of the field, 
Until he would labor too to fluid  

Pleasant is the smell of sweat in labor 
As smell of the first drop of shower  
Delightful is the smell of the sweat 
As like as the fragrance of wheat 

It’s like dew on tip of paddy leaf
It smells like soil of paddy turf 
O’ farmer! You’re the blessed one
Your profession is ever the first one

You feed the World with hunger 
You feel the pains of labor longer 
All your works are like a whirl 
Each that you sweat is like a pearl 

All who work hard to sweat a lot, 
Are the backbone of other effort.
I wish and pray to you all that 
You’ll find God’s grace a lot.
“You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”
                                                         (Psalm 128:2)


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