The Journey of a Breeze……..(English Poetry)

Breeze is a sign of smile 
It’s a sign of smell 
Breeze is a sign of bliss
It’s a sign of peace 

Breeze is a sign of divinity
It’s a sign of humility 
Breeze is a sign of calming 
It’s a sign of cooling 

Breeze is a sign of relief 
It’s a sign of belief 
Breeze is a sign of compassion  
It’s a sign of God’s presence 

Breeze is a sign of feelings 
It’s a sign of diligence 
Breeze is a sign of goodness
It’s a sign of sweetness 

It’s born in the wind and grown 
In the dense forest trees grown 
Creeping in the stalk of trees  
Comes as soft in the twigs

Embracing in fragrant florets
Touching the medicinal shrubs  
Passing in between cliffs N hills  
Arrives taking bath in waterfalls 
In the dim light of evening
In the light of Moon enchanting 
In the soft lullaby of the waves
Reaches swaying as scarves 

Soaking wet in the drizzling
Shaking the fingers of saplings
Crawling in the sweat of the poor
Breeze comes humbly as the doer 
From the Ruler to the beggar 
Embraces everyone as hugger
To plunder the inner of living
It comforts the body caressing 

In its sweetness, the body ecstasies
In its coolness, the mind tranquilizes 
Without any discrimination in all
Breeze comes, showering love-fall 

Breeze is the blessing of God 
That too is the Nature’s child
The presence of God with us
Is in the form of sweet breeze 

As like as breeze, We are too, 
Let’s share others our love
Showing to all a smiling expression, 
Let’s nurture a pleasant affiliation.


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