Thought of God is not like ours

A man named Vikash wandered around the forest, mountains and valleys in search of God. All he could think about was, believing God only after seeing with his own eyes. Wherever he was going he pointed out each thing and asked "God! Will you be like this?" , Pointing to trees "Is your figure like this?" , Showing the mountain , "Will you be like this?".  In his view, either the sun or moon could be the gods as his angle. Thus, he was wandering and in exhaustion, he came to an inn and stayed there in the night. He had a good sleep. Then, he had a dream. Only the voice of God was heard in the dream.
"O’ Man! What is the purpose of you being so eager to get to know me? If you want to know me you have to pass the exam I am going to put you on now. Then you will know me. I will give you a boon that you will be like me to grant whatever others pray with you. But there is one condition. Under any circumstances you should not be angry with anyone. In the end I will tell you a secret. "
Awakened from his sleep, Vikash tried to find out if he had been blessed according to his dream. Straight away, he stood in front of a beggar sitting at the entrance of the inn. "Lord! Give me something for this poor blind beggar”. Vikash had pity on him and to test the boon he blessed him saying, "Let this blind beggar get his vision".  The beggar had received his sight and jumped up and down. Vikash was overjoyed that he had received the greatest boon.
Next he went and sat on a single stone on the outskirts of town. When a poor farmer who came that way crossed that side, he said, "It has not rained for many days  and the land is barren. If it is raining good,  it will be good to cultivate."   It rained as Vikash said, "Let it rain as you have asked".  The farmer was ecstatic. The next day Vikash was sitting in the shade of a tree. Then a merchant who came that way said, "Business is paralyzed. I can do something big business, if  I get a treasure trove".  A pot filled with Gold coins was in front of that lamenting merchant. The merchant was so happy that he did not set foot on the ground.
Boundless joy was with Vikash.  “Shorter, my fame will be spreading around this world.” After few weeks, he went straight to the inn. There, the beggar decorated the Inn and worshiped it as "God of Inn".  Beggar was so busy in his worship when Vikash went in front of him and repeatedly shouted "I am the one gave you a vision".
"Okay! Let's go to the farmer" he said. The farmer put garlands to worship on a single stone where Vikash blessed to rain. "Hey! I gave you the rain," Vikash screamed. The farmer was worshiping the stone without any diversion. "Surely that merchant will be grateful to us," as thinking he left. Surrounding the same tree along the way, he saw a huge crowd there. The merchant had built a temple around the tree. The tree also became a god there. There was a grand cult of veneration. Vikash went there and shouted. Nothing fell on anyone's ears. Even the merchant who was there did not find Vikash. A severe anger arise to his head. He immediately shouted and cursed “Let this town be burnt on fire”.  Immediately, that boon was taken away from him. He groaned to himself and cried out to God, 'God! I helped those people myself. Even so, these people instead of praising me, are praising stone, trees and the places. Is this the just? ”He lamented.
The voice of  God in the dream again heard in his deep sleep. "O’ Man! I kept one secret from you. When I gave you the gift of giving, I too gave you another boon of being invisible to anyone's eyes. Those men could not have seen you in those days, or felt you or heard you. I gave you the blessing, but you sought for your glory in it. How dare you to destroy my people I created. When you don’t know you and your “self”, how can you realize me and my majesty?.  As human beings, I am not seeking your praise and offerings for I am the Creator of all things". The dream was ended like this.
Yes, God does not expect praise and offerings from us.  But, HE expects from men to fear to HIM and to follow HIS commandments, that too is for the welfare of human beings to have a happy and peaceful life

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," declares the LORD.   (Isaiah 55:8)


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