Until to see the dawn, we wait (English Poetry)

We’ll wait until the dawn
Dawn will surely be born 
Passing the collecting darkness
Dawn will come for us in garnish 

We’re tired of working hard 
Losing the rights, we suffered 
In the race of surviving life
We found there to be strife 

We have many challenges
There’s a way that salvages 
Even if there’re snags a ton    
We’ll raise as the rising Sun 

From those who kill justice,
Justice is never taken ease. 
We’ll shake the braid of vices
Who fraught us in conspiracies  

Dawn will be for us too
During the ruin of the few
All the games they played,
Will be subdued by the Lord.

Let's wait until the time is ripe
Towards the mercy of the Right
Let's start to rule our “self” first 
Which makes us to anger burst 
Surely, we’ll get relief N’ release
Justice and fairness will flourish
We need not to worry and fear
May the Lord be with us near 

Seeing the oppressors, we are 
Too tired of running, it’s enough 
Deftly to confront them,
Divine mercy will come.

Don’t get tired of the test
Don’t fed up of routine hurt
When HE who chose us sees
Why the worry needlessly is?

If there is a time of suffering
There is too a time for blessing
When blessing will be given us
Who’s the one to stop God, else?

Even if years have barred,  
We have faith in the Lord.
Until the time of our salvage,
We’ll be waiting for passage.

The sun of justice is upon us
HE’ll make it to shine endless 
There is no such thing as fate
Until to see the dawn, we wait 

Failures are the steps to success
We’ll remain to be in our process
Even if we’re encircled by factors 
God will bless us to be the victors.


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