I cry O' Lord,  begging your grace

     Save us in this deadly race

As dry leaves men are dying

     I can't see this in straying

Either by nature or by the evil one who

     eager to dominate world not we know

We knew not what is artificial or natural

        Your people are the victims of funeral

We hear the voices of fear and loss

       Help them to save them from "Alas"

See the World yours and the people too

        Saying of puh where is God and who?

By conspiracy or by fate, we stand helpless

      but we know you the refuge nevertheless

Way you give us to survive from manic

         We are the people frozen in panic

O' the Lord invisible, your people die of

     our invisible enemy which spread of

Ye pestilence is deadly to rob many lives

     Yet not the remedy to this arrives

We are the cause of this danger indeed

     Wasting and spoiling nature, Thy deed

Greedy we are to exploit the treasure of earth

      Grunting like an animal for more wealth

Loving things as relative and loving ones as thing

     Lord!  Forgive us, we keep Thy name ever to think



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